By Thomas Taylor

Search Engine Optimization – We’re going to continue with tips that will help us move up higher in organic Google searches.  The next thing I want to focus in on is keywords.  They are the meat and potatoes of search engines.  You have nothing if you don’t have keywords.  Your site should have keywords strategically located throughout  – on the face of the site and in the unseen code.  To know where to put your keywords, you may want to take advantage of the skills of an SEO expert like those at Christian Faith Web Design: .  However, we are going to look at a free tool that will help you know what words to use.

Keywords are the words that someone searching the web might use to find what you offer.  Google knows all about searches and we can tap into their knowledge with a free tool they made available called the Wonder Wheel.  It sounds kinda like something Wonder Woman might use to fight crime but it is for us to out-keyword our competition.  Let’s take a look at where it is and once you find it you’ll have a blast with those keywords!

Keyword tools
Do a search with Google, then on the left you will see the “Wonder Wheel” as shown circled in red.

Google’s Wonder Wheel is a great tool to generate ideas for keywords.  With just one keyword typed in Google’s search, you can use the Wonder Wheel to find virtually infinite keywords. Just click on the newly generated ideas it offers and a new wheel keeps opening up.

Type a word, then it generates more related to what you typed.

The Wonder Wheel is an idea catalyst that can help your search for keywords explode to beat the competition.  Try it out.  It is so much fun!

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